For US Employer

1- Internship Recommendation

  • There are many excellent young people in Vietnam who want to improve their qualification and skills through working experience in the United States.
  • At the national level, we also have lots of support to help these young people gain good experiences abroad.
  • So, I would like to recommend that you have some excellent Vietnamese employees who would like to have intern experience in your company.
  • If your company hires a Vietnamese intern, the intern can work legally with a J1 visa.
  • You will have a 12 months (minimum) or 18 months (maximum) contract with the intern.
  • Depending on the performance of your internship, you can sign a contract for up to 6 years.

2- Innovative Recruitment Methods

  • Developing excellent manpower through the Vietnam government support process
  • Selection of talented people through partnership with domestic and overseas universities.
  • Finding outstanding talent through monthly seminars and fairs
  • Expert recommendation
  • Offline/Online Marketing

3- Benefits of Recruiting Vietnamese Intern

  • We do not charge any fees for recruitment Vietnamese interns. (No fee / charges for employers using our service)
  • Interns join in the insurance provided by the US Department of State
  • The candidate work on a legitimate visa. (J1 visa)
  • There are tax benefits for hiring interns
  • Because Vietnamese people have a high level of education, experience
  • They work harder than other countries

4- Recruiting Process

Candidate Recommendation

We recommend applicants who meet the conditions of employment that you desire, along with your resume, portfolio, and video.

DS 2019 Application

Submit Host Company Request Form, Training Offer Letter and Submit Worker’s Compensation copy

DS 2019 issued

DS 7002 completed and applicant embassy J1 visa interview

Departure and Start

We will organize the candidate to departure and arrive at your company safely after hiring decision.
The process normally takes 3 or 4 months.

* DS 2019: A form of approval from the US Department of State to issue a J1 visa. Each is issued if you are a legitimate applicant and legitimate company.
* DS 7002: Training / Internship Placement Plan. It is a kind of training plan. This document will be made by our company.

“Preparation Document”

Host Company Request Form

Please fill out the information for your company

Training Offer Letter

This is a kind of job confirmation letter. The recruitment conditions of the applicant who has been decided to be recruited.
This will be signed by the employer and signed by the applicant.
This letter will be sent to you by our company.

Worker's Compensation

You will send us a copy

Other Documents

If you have visual materials (brochures, etc.), They may be helpful. (not required)




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