Công ty TNHH XNK Bao Bì Hồng Hà

Công ty TNHH XNK Bao Bì Hồng Hà

  • Hotline: 0786230690
  • Address: Lot 2, 4th road, Tan Tao Industry Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
  • Email: hr.honhaco@gmail.com
  • http://honhaco.com/

Company Detail

We established our second factory by 1995 – only after 6 years of our new name. Success never left us alone which is the why we became the first movers to import 3 production lines of plastic packaging in 1998. By the end of 2002, we got certifications from ISO 9001 which earned us a sound reputation in the market.

By the time we entered year 2005, we had accomplished the milestone to set-up our 4th production line in solvent lamination and move all our production lines to our final destination in Tan Tao Industry Park.

We conducted a refresh in our factory in 2014 and turned our attention to quality control management which led us to the achievement of HACCP certification. As of 2016, we hope to get ourselves ISO 22,000 certified by SGS, which is considered a pioneer certifier across the globe.




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