2018 Canadian Immigration Free Consulting Week
Promoting agreement with Access MBA
YNG CAREER Homepage  Mobile Optimization
Contracted with LA local office in USA
New York Local Head Hunter Invitation Breakfast Meeting
Lecture for undergraduate students for internship in the US
2018 Regular US Employment Information Session
COEX 2018 World Job Plus Fair Participated in Canadian Employment Division

Special lecture on overseas work (English resume, self taping)
IELTS General Free Mock Test
Launch of AIPP program for permanent residency in Canada within one year Participation in COEX 2017 overseas job fair
Invitation of local employment company representative and HR representative in USA and applicant interview
Global e-Business Society – Lecture
Acquisition of Foreign Migration Alienation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2017 K-MOVE School Approved USA Sales / Marketing Work Process
Participation in Ewha Womans University overseas job fair Quarterly regular workshop for US employment

Opened a new business center, World Job Center
MOU with Seocho HRD center for women’s manpower
Launched YNG Corporate in Vietnam Academic lecture at Global E-Business Conference
Participation at “Global Job Fair”, hosted by HRD Korea
Invited to “Mentoring Program as a professional mentor for Global Career”, NAMSEOUL University
Invited to “Special lecture for Being Global Trader”, DANKOOK University Launched 2nd group of challenging for USA internship, KANGWON University
Hosted a job fair inviting local head-hunter in USA

Launched American O visa Professional Employment & Permanent Residency Program
Came into IT Specialized Education corporation Business Agreement
Came into business agreement with Korea Jewelry specialized training institute
Conducted interview with American Local Hiring company representative and manager
Agreed to sign MOU cooperation with Younsung University, Kyungbuk University, Jeonju University, Namseoul University
Employment Agreement with Japanese IT company
MOU Agreement with Korean Software Inc
Implementing Japanese IT Employment training (5 term)
MOU Agreement with Japanese local IT Career
MOU Agreement with Japanese Company’s Top Staff
Initiated K- MOVE Overseas Employment Consulting with Namseoul University, Jeonju University, Soonchonhyang University, Gunsan University
Global Company Job Tessio Task Alliance
Japanese Akamonkai language school Task Alliance
Academic agreement with Gunsan University.
Jeonam University overseas intern and career consulting
Mokpo Science University Overseas Employment Consulting

Operate K-MOVE American Employment Process (Online Marketing and E-Commerce Area– 15th term)
Operate K-MOVE American Employment Process (Web Design Area – 14th time)
Initiate Philippines link American intern and Employment
Training Business order of Education Science Technology Department Engineering specialized technology
Educate new recruit of Industrial Bank IBK systems
Commit Korean Productivity Object Internet SW developer Education process
Small business Recruitment connection with MyungJi College Computer Engineering and 2 other department

Operate Government Support Linked training American Internship and Employment Process (13th term)
Development process of Java Framework by using Cloud service.
e-PUB Device digital publishing developer training course (1st and 2nd )


Operate Government Support training course American Internship and Employment process (9th and 10th time)
Korean Economic News subject Overseas Employment presentation and American Employment Method exclusive operation (Busan)
Approved and progressed through Korean Industry Human Resource Support IT specialist process (7 terms)

Government Support training American Internship and operate Employment Process (9th and 10th time)
Singapore training + initiate internship linking internship program
Initiate Japanese Hospitality Department Employment
Initiate Australia Government Support Employment process
Initiate Korean Industry Human Resource Corporation Support 4th IT specialist process
Establish education process for Department of Justice appointed Korean Overseas Technician
Korea Industry Human Resource Support during the 5th term initiated Japanese IT Java/Android Developer process
Process of Korea Industry Human Resource Support 6th term in Japanese Hotel/Business


Korean Foreign Korean Overseas Employment Promotion Association succession of Chairman
American Employment and internship special lecture at Youngnam University
Korea Industry Human Resource Support 3th term for Japanese Hotel/Business process
Korea Industry Human Resource Support 2nd term for Japanese IT Specialist process
Korea Industry Human Resource Support 1st term for Japanese IT Specialist process

Canada Day Care Employment Australia Business/Technology/Investment Immigrant and early study abroad Dongduk Women’s University German class German internship special lecture and initiation Everyday Economics Newspaper reporter interview Job Portal “Incruit” reporter Interview Presentation and special lecture about overseas employment at Universities in Seoul and Kyunggi area

Launched Canada IT Employment Program
Participated in 7th The World Korean Business Convention
Assigned as a director of Korean Overseas Employment Promotion Association

Canadian Working Holiday Program
Gyeongsang Region Overseas Internship and Employment Seminar
Seoul / Gyeonggi Area Overseas Employment Seminar
USA Work & Internship Seminar

Sungshin Women’s University Internship Seminar
Opened Busan Building
Paran.com Alliance with Overseas Internship
Seoul / Gyeonggi Area Overseas Employment Seminar

Special Lecture for Overseas Interns at Seoul Health University
Special lecture for international internship at Ewha Womans University
Start a Canadian Hospitality Internship
Partnership with Wellington Business School in New Zealand
Partnership with Sydney School of Business Tech, Australia


Started the Canadian Professional Internship program
Yonsei University Internship Seminar
Special Lecture for Overseas Interns in Inha University
Special Lecture on Hoseo University’s International Business Strategy
Sungkyunkwan University Overseas Intern seminar

Started YNG Career in 2003




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