• Opened a new business  center, World Job Center
  • MOU with Seocho HRD center for women’s manpower
  • Launched YNG Corporate in Vietnam
  • Academic lecture at Global E-Business Conference
  • Participated at “Global Job Fair”, hosted by HRD Korea
  • Invited to “Mentoring Program as a professional mentor for Global Career”, NAMSEOUL University
  • Invited to “Special lecture for Being Global Trader”, DANKOOK University
  • Launched 2nd group of challenging for USA internship, KANGWON University
  • Hosted a job fair inviting local head-hunter in USA


  • Launched American O visa Professional Employment  & Permanent Residency Program
  • Came into IT Specialized Education corporation [4th generation academy] Business Agreement
  • Came into business agreement with Korea Jewelry specialized training institute [Auroom]
  • Conducted interview with American Local Hiring company  representative and  manager
  • Agreed to sign MOU cooperation with Younsung University, Kyungbuk University, Jeonju University, Namseoul University
  • Employment Agreement with Japanese IT company
  • MOU Agreement with Korean Software Inc
  • Implementing Japanese IT Employment training  (5 term)
  • MOU Agreement with Japanese local IT Career
  • MOU Agreement  with Japanese Company’s Top Staff
  • Initiated K- MOVE Overseas Employment Consulting with Namseoul University, Jeonju University, Soonchonhyang University, Gunsan University
  • Global Company Job Tessio Task Alliance
  • Japanese Akamonkai language school Task Alliance
  • Academic agreement with Gunsan University.
  • Jeonam University overseas intern and career consulting
  • Mokpo Science University Overseas Employment Consulting


  • Operate K-MOVE American Employment Process (Online Marketing and E-Commerce Area– 15th term)
  • Operate K-MOVE American Employment Process (Web Design Area – 14th time)
  • Initiate Philippines  link American intern and Employment
  • Training Business order of Education Science Technology Department Engineering specialized technology.
  • Educate new recruit of Industrial Bank IBK systems
  • Commit Korean Productivity Object Internet SW developer Education process
  • Small business Recruitment connection with MyungJi College Computer Engineering and 2 other department


  • Operate Government Support Linked training American Internship and  Employment Process (13th term)
  • Development  process of Java Framework by using Cloud service.
  • e-PUB Device digital publishing developer training course (1st and 2nd )


  • Operate Government Support training course American Internship and Employment process(9th and 10th time)
  • Korean Economic News subject Overseas Employment presentation and American Employment Method exclusive  operation( Busan)
  • Approved and progressed through Korean Industry Human Resource Support IT specialist process (7 term)


  • Government Support training American Internship and operate Employment Process (9th and 10th time)
  • Singapore training + initiate internship linking internship program
  • Initiate Japanese Hospitality Department Employment
  • Initiate Australia  Government Support  Employment process
  • Initiate Korean Industry Human Resource Corporation Support 4th IT specialist process
  • Establish education process for Department of Justice appointed  Korean Overseas Technician
  • Korea Industry Human Resource Support during the 5th term initiated Japanese IT Java/Android Developer process
  • Process of Korea Industry Human Resource Support  6th term in Japanese Hotel/Business


  • Korean Foreign Korean Overseas Employment Promotion Association succession of Chairman
  • American Employment and internship special lecture at Youngnam University
  • Korea Industry Human Resource Support  3th term for Japanese Hotel/Business process
  • Korea Industry Human Resource Support  2nd term for Japanese IT Specialist process
  • Korea Industry Human Resource Support  1st  term for Japanese IT Specialist process


  • Canada Day Care Employment
  • Australia Business/Technology/Investment Immigrant and early study abroad
  • Dongduk Women’s University German class German internship special lecture and initiation
  • Everyday Economics Newspaper reporter interview
  • Job Portal “Incruit” reporter Interview
  • Presentation and special lecture about  overseas employment at Universities in Seoul and Kyunggi area


  • Launched Canada IT Employment Program
  • Participated in 7th The World Korean Business Convention
  • Assigned as a director of Korean Overseas Employment Promotion Association


  • Lay the foundation with expanding business scope from 2003 to 2007


  • Started YNG Career in 2003



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